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January 18, 2007
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December 19, 2005
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December 3, 2005
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November 17, 2005
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October 18, 2005
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October 17, 2005
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October 16, 2005
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October 15, 2005
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October 14, 2005
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October 13, 2005
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October 12, 2005
Journal: Renewal Forum Begins

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Monday, October 17, 2005 - The work of almost 200 participants - land planners, architects, transportation specialists, environmentalists, economic experts, code consultants and community engagement advisors- comes to a highly anticipated conclusion today, as representatives from the eleven designated communities arrive at 1:00pm for a series of team presentations.

After five long days and even longer nights, "there's a lot of confidence in this room," said Bill Lennertz, executive director of the National Charrette Institute in Portland, Oregon. NCI trains leaders in the focused planning process represented by the Mississippi Renewal Form. "We have so much information we could make these presentations go all day."

The work generated over the five days "always astounds the clients," said Andres Duany, leader of the design team. "This is very typical. No one ever realizes how much work is generated in five days."

And the bottom line: "I think after the presentation people's self-esteem will increase," said Michigan-based retail consultant Robert Gibbs. "People all over the country will realize how wonderful this part of the Gulf is. It's a highly desirable place that will attract tens of millions of dollars of investment in the next generation. They are about to be discovered. Their responsibility is to understand they don't have to take whatever comes along. They can raise the bar for developers, and developers will take the charge seriously."

See the Forum in action.

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